It's been a minute...

Ciao tutti!

Apologies for being MIA for so long. It’s been an incredible few months in Italy! I spent time in Alba, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Parma, and now I’ve begun work as an English teacher and tutor. I had experience teaching weaving classes at Loop Yarn in Philadelphia, but I never taught English, so I was a little nervous. But after 2 weeks I can happily report that I love my new job! The hours are flexible, the job itself is fun, the students (all adults, at the moment) are lovely, and it’s challenging me to use a part of my brain that hasn’t been flexed since April when I last taught at Loop.

I’ve found a few yarn shops in my town— most were closed for all or the majority of August, so I’m excited that they’ve all opened up this month! Also, last weekend I went to an event called Rural Festival: Biodiversita Agricola (watch the video at the bottom of that link, it’s great!) and saw some beautifully hand dyed wool yarn. Though I didn’t purchase any for myself, I took the photo below to remember the dusty, subtle colors that I love so much.


In other news, I’m happy to say I will have a new shawlette pattern coming out on the first day of fall, September 23rd! It’s reversible, symmetrical, and involves tassels, so it should be fun. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for posts about that, or check back here or on my Ravelry page for the pattern download.

That’s all for now, but before I sign off, here are some photos of fiber adventures of the past few months for you to click through (+ some cat photos and other beautiful moments I thought you’d enjoy)

bobbinweave Update...

I have exciting news: bobbinweave is moving! 


A bit of backstory to explain the move: I’ve felt stagnant in multiple aspects of my life and haven’t really been excited about things for a long time. That is, until a couple weeks ago when I took control of my life, gave notice at my day job, and booked a one-way plane ticket to Italy! 

I have family in northern Italy who I will stay with for a month-month and a half to get acclimated and start looking for work. I’ll then make my way down to Rome— I studied abroad in Rome for almost 4 months in 2012 and I’m dying to go back— and then I don’t know where I’ll be! I’m a very type-A kind of person who plans everything out and loves making lists and keeping very organized, so this is very different and new for me, so I’m trying to just breathe, relax, and let the chips fall as they may.  


I’m pledging now to write more here and let everyone know of all the great sewing, knitting, and notions shops I find in my travels. Would you also be interested in just hearing about my day-to-day travels and thoughts on the different towns, cities, and countries I’ll be visiting? Please let me know what you think! 

Also, I will be having a flash sale on my wall hangings in the coming days on Instagram to bring my inventory down a bit before I leave the country, so stay tuned for that as well! 'Til next time...

New Pattern Update!

Hey y'all! I have a new pattern available on my Ravelry site for the cutest baby beanie. The beanie will be a revelation for the new bald headed gals in your life because-- wait for it-- it has built in pigtails! I was looking for a pattern like this for a while and I couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to just write the pattern myself. 

Plz check it out over on Ravelry and let me know if you have any questions!!

Look mom! I have pigtails! 

Look mom! I have pigtails! 

A heartfelt thanks

Happy December! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving/end of November. I celebrate Thanksgiving, so I went to my hometown and spent time with family. It was just what I needed to recharge, finish out November, and jump into December fully emerged in holiday orders, craft fairs, and shows. 

This holiday season, I really wanted to take some time to think about this past year. I feel I’ve grown a lot as a maker and that’s not just to my own credit— I’ve grown as a result of each person who I’ve interacted with involving this medium. Every student I teach brings me confidence and encouragement that I'm on the right path. Each customer who sees something they like in my work, so much so that they want to have it in their lives or gift it to someone they love warms my heart. Everyone who comes out to support me at craft fairs, flea markets, and my first solo show lets me know that others believe in me and therefore, I should believe in myself. In a world where we’re all constantly comparing ourselves to others, I think it’s important to stop and look at your own accomplishments and allow yourself to sit back, smile, and give yourself a well-deserved hug or pat on the back and appreciate yourself. Those who have taken classes with me, asked me about my work, and simply commented on Instagram posts have helped me appreciate my accomplishments, and that is invaluable to me.

So thank you. Thank you to those who took the time to read this, thank you to those who’ve shown up in support of my artistic endeavors, voiced their love for my work, and everyone in between. Y’all make it all worth it, and I’m so thankful for you!! 

The Weaving Kind: October Weaving Submission

I practice weaving sweetly and quietly
with my thoughts, a podcast, and tea.
I breathe and move the shuttle
across across across,
and soon the weft is moving
up up up,
and I breathe. 
Weaving is my sister’s yoga
and my brother’s beer. 
It is my mother’s cleaning
and my father’s football.
It is my subtlety in a bold world, 

“It’ll be alright."

This Woman's Work, 2017,  in progress.

This Woman's Work, 2017, in progress.

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hi there! I'm Sara, creator of bobbinweave. Welcome to my blog and corner of the fiber world. 

First, let me thank you for visiting my site: this website has been a long time coming and I'm thankful for your interest and support. With that said, I'll keep this first post short and sweet. I'll be posting photos of works in progress, finished objects, knit patterns, and DIY instructions for my crafty endeavors semi-regularly. I'm also a lover of art, poetry, flowers, and cats, so I'm sure those posts will creep in from time to time.  

If you ever have questions about anything, please feel free to contact me at!

At Jenkin's Arboretum, enjoying the flowers and keeping snug in my knit shawlette. 

At Jenkin's Arboretum, enjoying the flowers and keeping snug in my knit shawlette.